Advantages of Storm Doors

Advantages of Storm DoorsStorm doors protect your exterior door from the elements and can help you save on your energy costs. There are a number of other advantages to installing storm doors at your home.

Available Storm Door Styles

There are three basic storm door styles available to homeowners.

Full View
A full view storm door includes a glass panel and a fully interchangeable screen panel. You can only use one of the panels at a time.

This style of storm door includes either a full or half screen which is always in position on the door. This option is convenient for homeowners, since it provides ventilation in the house during warmer months without to the hassle of removing (and then storing) either a glass or screen panel.

A retractable screen door has a panel that can be rolled up into the frame of the door when it is not in use. The screen is connected to the window of the storm door; when it is not in use, it rolls up on a tension dowel in the top of the door. It can provide a full-view door when not in use and a ventilating door when the screen is in use. Continue Reading →

What You Should Ask a Glass Specialist Before Hiring

glass specialistAre you looking for a professional glass specialist in your area? With so many auto and residential glass companies available, it can be difficult to choose between them. The best way to differentiate between the various options is to ask questions. You should always speak with a representative before committing to service. Here are several questions you need to ask each glass company before proceeding with your project.

1. Do you have a license?

Whether you need a window replacement or a nick in your car windshield fixed, it’s important you ask every glass specialist company if they are licensed. Having an official license means the company and individuals working for the company have had the necessary training. Continue Reading →

Why Frameless Glass Shower Doors?

frameless glass shower doorsAre you looking for an exciting way to improve the bathrooms in your home? Are you interested in a bathroom upgrade that doesn’t require months of planning and coordinating? Consider making just one enhancement that will drastically impact the look of your space. Frameless glass showers doors are an incredible addition to any bathroom. Read these exciting reasons frameless glass shower doors may be the right choice for the bathrooms in your home. Then contact your local glass specialist for a quote today.

1. Elegant Aestheic

Frameless glass shower doors are a favorite among homeowners. This is because they offer an elegant aesthetic that allows for a seamless sightline to the tile shower. They are also easy to clean, and there’s no risk of rusting like there is with framed glass shower doors. Continue Reading →

How to Find a Reliable Glass Specialist in Your Area

Finding a Glass SpecialistWhether you want to schedule a window replacement for your home or need to have a cracked windshield repaired, knowing how to find a qualified glass specialist in your area is important. With so many companies to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start your search. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first “good price” you find. You shouldn’t let just anyone work in your home or on your car, so make sure you take the time to find the most qualified glass specialist for your needs. Here are several great tips to help you find the right company for the job.

1. Talk to Others

It’s so simple you’ll probably kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner, but one of the absolute best ways to find a reliable glass specialist in your area is to talk to other people. Take some time to ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they can suggest any companies. A verbal recommendation from someone you know also makes it more likely that you’ll be pleased with the final results. Continue Reading →

4 Things to Consider Before Replacing Windows

replacing windowsAre you thinking about replacing the windows in your home? Replacing windows provides a variety of benefits. These include higher energy efficiency, easier cleaning, and fewer drafts. Replacing windows is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Window replacement should be something you take time to consider seriously before committing. Here are four things you should think through before calling your local glass specialist to schedule an appointment.

1. Savings Expectations

While new windows are absolutely more energy efficient than older windows, they don’t pay for themselves. If you’re thinking your window replacement will practically pay for itself over the next few months of lowered energy bills, you may be disappointed. Replacing windows can be costly. While the benefits associated with the upgrade are worth the expense, make sure you manage your savings expectations. Continue Reading →

Why a Window Upgrade is Right for You and Your Home

window upgradeWhen was the last time you replaced the windows in your home? If you can’t remember or know that it’s been a while, it may be time to incorporate a window upgrade into your summer plans. With so many other potential home improvement projects to consider, why should you make window replacement a priority? Here are five great reasons why updating your windows is the right choice for you and your home.

1. Lower Energy Bills

One of the best reasons for a window upgrade is to save money of your energy bills. Upgrading your windows can drastically improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, especially if you live in a particularly warm or cold climate.

2. Eliminate Drafts

Older homes are often plagued by drafts due to small holes that literally cause your windows to leak air. A glass specialist will be able to assess the condition of your current windows and determine if an upgrade could help prevent uncomfortably cold drafts. Continue Reading →